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cxo advisory group rates Jack SchannepCXO Advisory Group is an independent 3rd party that assesses the accuracy of publicly available forecasts regarding the future direction of the U.S. stock market. Jack Schannep has been in the top-tier among his peers for the last eight years, through Bull markets and Bear. In 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and now in their final 2013 report he has been rated 1st out of the active reviews of 50 'Gurus' for "Accuracy of Forecasts for U.S. Markets".  See the ratings here .



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Mark Hulbert of Marketwatch: The Transports have been the stronger of the two benchmarks, and it is widely considered to be a leading economic indicator.  Read the article HERE.

There has been renewed interest in the Dow Theory since Jack Schannep presented his research to the Market Technicians Association that showed Dow Theory produced an excess return of 1.5% per year (from 1953 thru 2011) versus a buy and hold strategy.  His presentation attracted a whole new generation of Dow Theory enthusiasts.   Read the article HERE.

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