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The Dow Theory Bible
"Charles Dow never actually penned a definitive guide to the Theory that bears his name. Instead he wrote a series of over 250 columns in the Wall Street Journal....Jack Schannep's Dow Theory for the 21st Century, firmly establishes the author as the contemporary heir to Dow's legacy....Jack Schannep's work is written in lively and straightforward fashion...Mr. Schannep also presents powerful but simple statistical evidence demolishing the oft-repeated claims that the Theory's track record is either hard to establish or poor. This book is the definitive guide to modern-day Dow Theory from probably its most consistently successful practitioner".
Dominic Picarda, "The Trader" columnist
Investors Chronicle, The Financial Times of London

"If you want to understand the Dow Theory, this is the book to buy.  Jack has done a superb job of not only researching the details of the Dow Theory, but in putting it in simple understandable language. In addition, he has done what readers really want -- interpreted the theory to make money! His years of working with the Dow Theory give readers a unique edge in understanding one of the oldest stock strategies in existence".
Dave Garrett, Principal,

"I find your book is very useful. The economic metrics, psychology sentiments, earning-fundamental, and historical statistics that you track enable is to time a major reversal, is really golden.  Very few people are able to integrate and synthesize multi-disciplines into one".
K.W. Ng, Penang, Malaysia

Old Wisdom is the Best Wisdom - By way of complete disclosure I must say that I use Jack Schannep's work in my own work. Some years ago when I was looking to update the Dow Theory performance record I went to (another) famous Dow Theory analyst looking for DT signals for the second half of the century. He didn't have a record. I was completely astounded. Then I found Jack Schannep and not only found a Dow Theorist of uncommon excellence (and the Dow Theory performance record) but also an old fox market analyst. His book is full of valuable observations and conclusions from a lifetime of sailing the market seas. Readers are advised that his book is valuable whether they have any interest in Dow Theory or not. More importantly, books on technical analysis are divided into two groups, those which display hard won wisdom and those which demonstrate technical virtuosity. Both of these characteristics shine in Schannep's book.
W.H.C. Bassetti, Amazon Customer Review
Malcom S.M. Watts III Adjunct Professor
Finance and Economics
Golden Gate University San Francisco
Editor & Coauthor of Edwards & Magee's
Technical Analysis of Stock Trends, 9th Ed.

An Instant Classic - This book is written by an old broker who saw the cycles that elapsed during his many years of practice - only he early on recorded the parameters significant to the ebb and flow of these cycles. The author's years of experience are evident. In his lifetime alone, many cycles have occurred. He opens up our eyes to the fact that the market can be timed using various parameters.
     He explains how the market cycles are as natural as the tide and how there is no need to sit in stocks during low tide. In so doing the book lays the foundation for the timing so critical for trend following. The period of these waves and thus the trading frequency correspond to the bull and bear market cycles. So trading, therefore, is not like following daily or weekly chart cycles with the chance of being whipsawed to the wrong side of it.
     Though individuals may have access to the latest value of some of these timing parameters he points out and Googling them could help fill in their value, it may be easier to subscribe to a Timing Indicator newsletter like Jack Schannep's to eliminate such work. With the analytical skills evident in the presentation, I can see why his newsletter always ranks in the top 5. Any broker applying this theory would serve their client well .
     I have read over 50 investment books and this one goes on the top shelf along with Sam Weinstein's and Trending Following. Dow Theory for the 21st Century will be an `instant classic'. You will want to keep it, if only to mark the time at which your investment strategy improved 100%. As Gabriel Wilson said July 23, 2008 on the Business Talk Radio Network "Jack's book is a terrific contribution to the body of knowledge" 
Robert L. Sogge, Amazon Customer Review

A Good Case for Market Timing - Jack Schannep's Dow Theory for the 21st Century is a must read for serious investors or anyone wishing to gain some understanding of the U. S. stock market. His descriptions are concise, his theories are clear and his track record is well documented. Going against conventional wisdom, Schannep makes a great case for market timing. He sheds light on myriad financial and economic terms and data that are commonly used in our media, albeit seldom explained and more rarely understood. I think this book can also be used as a reference for historical trends. Bravo, Mr. Schannep. I hope the talking heads read your book so they too will understand what it is they are reporting.
Borders Customer Review

One of the "Year's Top Investment Books" -Updates and vastly improves the twentieth century's most famous trading strategy. Must reading for serious investors, market timers, technical analysts, and market professionals.
Yale Hirsch and Jeffrey A Hirsch,
Stock Trader's Almanac 2009

Pre-Eminent Dow Theorist Finally Writes a Book! - I have been a fan of Mr. Schannep's newsletter for a few years now, and his writings reflect a deep thinker with a lot of experience. I appreciate having an entire book dedicated to the application of a well-established theory to what is going on in the markets today. I need this book NOW more than ever.
Barnes & Noble Customer Review

"Dow Theory for the 21st Century offers individual investors a clear and practical approach to the big-trend (bull market-bear market) paradigm for long-term investing outperformance".
Steve LeCompte, Managing Partner
The CXO Advisory Group

"Just received your book from Amazon last Friday, and spend a good part of a rainy weekend in Manila reading it.  Fantastic job, great read, and marvelous to have all that material available in one place. Thank you."
Jeremy Flint, Sales, Singapore

Now THAT'S What I'm Talking About!!! - Jack Schannep has nailed it! He has wisely used his many years of experience to educate investors on market principles so that we don't have to watch TV every day or listen to the radio on the weekend for the latest and hottest. This is truly a gem that every investor should have in their office library!
Thomas Dwan, Amazon Customer Review

Excellent! A Must Read for Stock Market Investors - I have been in the investment management business for over 20 years and work for a major global wealth management firm. In my opinion, Dow Theory for the 21st Century is the single best investment book I have ever read. It contains practical data and studies that when applied may significantly improve your investment results.
   The author, Jack Schannep's lifetime of experience and passion for the equity markets is evident and his insights may prove helpful in protecting your capital market assets during economic downturns and may help increase returns during bull market cycles (see pages 173-175).
     If you are not sure about a "buy and hold" approach, I highly recommend the purchase of not only Mr. Schannep's book but also his monthly newsletter and automatic email buy / sell alerts.
     We all know that there in no perfect crystal ball with regard to the direction of the stock market, but if the tenants of this book help you improve results (as they have mine), how much would it be worth?
Senior Portfolio Manager, Amazon Review

Solid Advice and Perspective - Jack Schannep has distilled years of experience and a balanced perspective in this necessary update of the Dow Theory. I really appreciate his historical perspective. He certainly shows that the Dow Theory has relevance for today's investor. After all, the two major indexes for that theory, the Dow Jones Industrials and the Transportation Index really reflect what's going on in our economy.
     I've been a devoted reader of his newsletter for about 5 years. Probably the most useful understanding he brings to the table is a seriously accurate understanding of capitulation. He explains it well in the book. It's the moment when everyone throws in the towel and the bottom is reached. He nails that date 5 out of 6 times that it happens. And the careful reader of both this book and his newsletter is benefited if he acts immediately.
     This is an enjoyable read if you are interested in understanding technical market analysis. If not, it can be a bit more than you need to know. Fortunately, he's organized the book so that you can really use it as a guide.
     As a historian I especially appreciate Jack's long term perspective. It's so easy to get caught up in the moment in the market that it's wonderful to get a balanced and solid long term view.
     I recommend this book as part of your arsenal of investing. It's best in providing a balanced perspective within which you can deal with individual stocks and indexes.
W. Noyes, Amazon Customer Review

Seasoned Advice, Surprisingly Accessible - Jack Schannep's Dow Theory for the 21st Century was recommended to me by a seasoned, serious investor who has for a long time followed the research and advice of the author. My initial reluctance to purchase the book was based on the fact I am not a seasoned investor and assumed I would not be able to fully grasp the information. Schannep has produced a book for serious, long term investing that is surprisingly accessible even to those fairly new to investing, and perhaps unfamiliar with Dow Theory. The research is extensive, to the point and backed up with documentation and history. This is not a book for those wishing to day trade their way to wealth overnight; it is however a valuable resource for those looking to maximize long term returns.
Larry R. Johnson, Amazon Customer Review



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