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A person watching the tide coming in and who wishes to know the exact spot which marks the high tide, sets a stick in the sand at the points reached by the incoming waves until the stick reaches a position where the waves do not come up to it, and finally recede enough to show that the tide has turned.   This method holds good in watching and determining the flood tide of the stock market”.

     This quote, from Charles Dow's January 31st, 1901 entry in the Wall Street Journal is the cornerstone for understanding major-market major-trend analysis.  Compiling data since the late 1800's, and a proprietary database from 1953, with over 50 years of experience, and adding our own observations and tools, we have developed one of the most accurate market timing systems out there.  We are a three-generation family-company that specializes in delivering market timing indicators to assist serious investors achieve personal financial success.   With our Editor-in-Chief Jack Schannep, and his son Bart as Contributing Editor's input in writing a monthly newsletter, our subscribers enjoy the benefit of knowing when it is an appropriate time to be 100% invested, 50/50, and when to stay out!

     As a free service, we wish to present you with a good understanding of what the Dow Theory is, what our Schannep Timing Indicator is, and what our synergistic Composite Timing Indicator is.  The most important question is what results these indicators give to our subscribers.  We have compiled a historical record for your review as well, of each indicator.

    We believe that with accurate, objective market-timing advice, you do not have to lose what you have saved for, and you can participate in the gains that the market gives.   TheDowTheory.com is the premier stock market major-trend timing Newsletter with documented and verified long term records which set the standard for market timing.  Take a look around, and please accept our invitation to join our growing list of subscribers.

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Mark Hulbert of Marketwatch noticed, as we did and told our subscribers in an email sent two days earlier! DJIA 21,637  Read the article HERE.



Mark Hulbert of Marketwatch: One of the geniuses of the Dow Theory is that it counsels against overreacting to every cloud on that horizon.  DJIA 20,453 Read the article HERE.

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