Mark Hulbert wrote in MarketWatch about an interesting Study that market-timing has been academically proven to increase investment results.  Another 12 year study which shows our market Letter came in #3 out of 68 studied, is posted on and the newest March 2017 study is found here: “Evaluation and Ranking of Market Forecasters”  Once again, our Market Letter comes in highly rated at #2 with a 72% accuracy rating. You’ll find a number of well-known market forecasters with less than a 50% success ratio, in fact two-thirds of the group might as well have tossed a coin.  It really DOES matter who you get advice from!

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          Combining the time-tested principles of Charles Dow’s Traditional Dow Theory with the 55+ years of research and real-life experience, Jack Schannep developed and edits Newsletter which is committed to providing our subscribers with effective, profitable market timing wisdom in a timely manner.  Son Bart has over 30 years in the financial services industry and is Contributing Editor.  Our Newsletter is about much more than just the Dow Theory, incorporating other important fundamental, economic and historic perspective to the technical Indicators interpreted in our Letter.

We think you will gain peace of mind from having a disciplined, proven market timing approach to successful investing.

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Mark Hulbert of Marketwatch: One of the geniuses of the Dow Theory is that it counsels against overreacting to every cloud on that horizon.  DJIA 20,453 Read the article HERE.

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