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"Jack Schannep is simply the most accurate market timer I have ever known. I have read his commentaries religiously since 2002 and he has been right every step of the way. He perfectly called the market bottom in October 2002 and never wavered from his bullish stance until late in 2007... and again, he was 100% right to call an end to the five year bull run.  Jack's application of technical analysis in defining the primary trend of the market has been spot on."
Stephen Reitmeister
Executive Vice President

Zacks Investment Research

“Jack Schannep is one of the finest Dow Theory analysts now practicing... The real praise is that I rely on his work in my work... Your contribution to this book was most important and most appreciated. I can't tell you what a problem I was having bringing Dow Theory performance up to date before I found TheDowTheory.com.  Gratefully, my most cordial thanks.
W.H.Charles Bassetti
Editor and co-author
Technical Analysis of Stock Trends w/Edwards & Magee

"For many years Jack Schannep has been a serious student of the factors influencing the securities markets and personally very helpful to me."
Robert H. Stovall
Stovall/Twenty-First Advisers
Hall of Fame Panelist
Wall $treet Week with Louis Rukeyser

"I read every page with great interest. We both share an interest in the technical side of the market, and you have a discipline with a proven record. Your signals have done better than the Dow Jones, and that is rare...your ideas are good and will give good long term results."
Michael F. Cavenaugh
Sr Fin'l Consultant (Retired)
Merrill Lynch

"You have a great feel for the stock market. I'm very pleased that your Letter will be available to help me help my clients!"
E. Thompson Thayer
Vice President/Investments
Sutro & Co

"Your thoughts have helped me personally, professionally and … often.  Your name is held in the highest esteem."
Jud Booth
Vice President (Retired)
Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

"I wish I had followed your advice over the years - I’d be better off today."
Bill Shaughnessy
Vice President
RBC Dain Rauscher

"Schannep's record (for the record) is looking better and better. Over the year to date, TheDowTheory.com is up 1.9% by Hulbert Financial Digest count, vs. negative 18.6% for the dividend-reinvested Dow Jones Wilshire 5000. This makes it one of only 13 letters out of some 180 followed by HDF to be in the black this year."
Peter Brimelow
MarketWatch (10/8/08)

"Based on subsequent stock market performance and our judgments about the accuracy of Jack Schannep's forecasts, his bottom-line outlook for U.S. stocks has been right 65% of the time.... (He) has been in the upper tier of the list since inception..." (Was rated #1 in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and now 2013 of 50 active experts graded- edited in by JDS).
Steve LeCompte
Managing Partner
The CXO Advisory Group

"I think its great and I also know that it subconsciously influences my behavior."
Duke Hust
Founding Partner
Tealwood Asset Management


"in the hands of at least one of the advisers whose performance I regularly monitor, it (the Dow Theory) is one of the best performing market timing systems of the last decade". "I turn first to Jack Schannep editor of TheDowTheory.com and the Schannep Timing Indicator, whose interpretation of the Dow theory has been the most successful in recent years among the three investment services I monitor who base their market timing on the Dow Theory"."Schannep's interpretation of the Dow Theory did a better job of navigating the 2007-2009 bear market and subsequent bull market than any of the nearly 200 other stock market timing strategies monitored by the Hulbert Financial Digest."
Mark Hulbert
Editor, Hulbert Fin'l Digest

"(Jack Schannep is) the most successful Dow theorist of our age... Not only has he got a first-rate record of market calls, but his interpretation seems more faithful to what I understand as being the teachings of the theory's founding fathers".
Dominic Picarda
'The Trader' Columnist
Investors Chronicle
Financial Times of London

"You’ve been consistently right…(your) advice has made a lot of your friends a lot of money."
William Smales
Sr Vice President (Retired)
Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

"(After) reviewing all of the issues of the  Schannep Timing Indicator which were present in my file…I was struck by the degree of accuracy with which you identify  meaningful trends. The clarity with which you convey useful, actionable information is remarkable."
Colon Brown Jr.
Brown & Brown Fin'l Services

"I have done my homework and am very pleased with your letter---it is one of the best. I think your letter is great:   I have followed a lot of services in my time but yours is consistent, longer term oriented, and you have been RIGHT!  --- Congratulations"
Al Kingon
President, Kingon Int'l, Co-Chair, Council of American Ambassadors, former U.S.Ambassador to the European Union, Asst to Pres. Reagan, Asst. Sec of Treasury and Commerce, Editor-in Chief: Financial World, Saturday Review and Money and Credit Magazines.

"As one who believes that those who ignore the past are condemned to repeat it, I find the Schannep Timing Indicator Letter an outstanding analysis of the major trends that have and continue to exist in the market. I certainly use the Letter’s BUY & SELL signals as a guide for my portfolio decisions."
Dr. Gerald Swanson
Economics Professor
Univ. of Arizona (Retired)
Author Bankruptcy 1995 & America the Broke

"Jack Schannep is one of the most experienced and respected Dow Theorists minds in the world. (He is) a widely quoted investment commentator whose interpretation of the Dow Theory is the basis for updating the current edition of "Technical Analysis of Stock Trends" by Edwards, Magee & Bassetti. (He is) "the man who literally wrote the modern textbook on Dow Theory".
Zacks .com

"Your Timing Indicator Letter.…has been a valuable aid in making investment decisions for my clients and numerous investment professionals…"
Joseph V. Delaney
Chairman & CEO
J.V.Delaney & Associates

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The Telegraph of London quotes "Jack Schannep, author of Dow Theory for the 21st Century, there are some key theories that have to be accepted to successfully apply the process." DJIA: 22,997 Read the article HERE

Mark Hulbert of MarketWatch: For the first time in over three years, each of the three major Dow stock market averages has just hit a new all-time high.  These joint new highs are “very encouraging.”  DJIA 22,405  Read the article HERE.

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