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Dow Theory for the 21st Century
Technical Indicators for Improving Your Investment Results

     Dow Theory for the 21st Century includes everything that the serious investor needs to know about the stock market and how to become financially successful. Expanding upon Charles Dow's 20th century stock market theory, author Jack Schannep provides readers with a better understanding of the ingredients that make up the world of finance, specifically the American stock market, in order to help them achieve investment success. - Wiley (John Wiley & Sons, Inc, publisher).

Dow Theory for the 21st Century

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Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgments.
  • Introduction. The What and Why of this Book.
  • Part I. The Traditional Dow Theory.
    Chapter 1. By Way of Background.
    Chapter 2. Signals Described.
    Chapter 3. A Look at The Record.
    Chapter 4. Give-and-Take about the Theory.
  • Part II. Bulls And Bears.
    Chapter 5. Bull Markets.
    Chapter 6. Bear Markets.
    Chapter 7. Bull and Bear Markets of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries.
  • Part III. The Dow Theory for the Twenty First Century.
    Chapter 8. Capitulation: The Selling Climax.
    Chapter 9. The Heart Of The Theory.
  • Part IV. Other Important Indicators.
    Chapter 10. Schannep Timing Indicator: The Other Major-Trend Indicator.
    Chapter 11. “Three Tops And A Tumble”: Leading Topping Indicators.
    Chapter 12. Bonus Indicators.
  • Part V. The Epitome Of Synergy.
    Chapter 13. The All-Inclusive Composite Indicator.
    Chapter 14. Practical Usages: Putting It All Together.
  • Appendices
    Appendix A. "Official" Complete and Detailed Record of the Original Dow Theory.
    Appendix B. Capitulation Indicators Detailed Record.
    Appendix C. CPA Verification of the Schannep Indicator.
    Appendix D. Complete Record of the Composite Timing Indicator.
  • About The Author.
  • Index.

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