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TheDowTheory.com is the premier stock market major-trend timing Newsletter with documented and verified long-term records of outperformance and drawdown reduction that set the standard for market timing. We deliver accurate, objective market-timing advice, and you can expect around one trade per year on average.

Mark Hulbert wrote in MarketWatch about an interesting Study that market-timing has been academically proven to increase investment results.  Another 12 year study which shows our market Letter came in #3 out of 68 studied is posted on CXOAdvisory.com and the newest April 2017 study is found here: “Evaluation and Ranking of Market Forecasters

Once again, our Market Letter comes in highly rated at #2 with a 72% accuracy rating. You’ll find a number of well-known market forecasters with less than a 50% success ratio, in fact two-thirds of the group might as well have tossed a coin.  It really DOES matter who you get advice from!

Compiling data since the late 1800s and a proprietary database from 1953, with over 60 years of experience, and adding our own observations and indicators, we have developed one of the most accurate market timing systems out there. With our Editor-in-Chief Manuel Blay and our Editor Emeritus Jack Schannep (author of the classical book “Dow Theory for the 21st Century“, our subscribers know when it is an appropriate time to be 100% invested50/50, and when to stay out!

In addition to stocks, we also cover the trends of U.S. bonds and precious metals.

Benefit from the newsletter that has received worldwide attention from MarketWatch, Investors Chronicle of The Financial Times of London, CXO Advisory, Forbes.com, The Street, Kiplinger, the AAII Journal, the Market Technicians Association, the Wall Street Journal, Money Show, and many others.

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