The Dow Theory Newsletter

The Dow Theory Newsletter - Market Timing NewsletterWhy does Market Timing matter? Is an old system still relevant today? Marketwatch's Mark Hulbert wrote an interesting article that market timing is academically proven to increase investment results...

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Dow Theory for the 21st Century

The Dow Theory for the 21st Century The Dow Theory for the 21st Century includes everything that the serious investor needs to know about the stock market and how to become financially successful. Expanding upon Charles Dow's 20th century...

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Meet Jack and Bart Schannep?

Jack Schannep

Jack Schannep is considered by many to be the preeminent expert in the Dow Theory today. Jack Schannep was invited to speak at the 160th Birthday Celebration of Charles H. Dow at the Museum of American Finance...

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Latest News

The stock market did a very bullish thing this last week, and yet hardly anyone noticed 

Mark Hulbert of Marketwatch noticed, as we did and told our subscribers in an email sent two days earlier! DJIA 21,637  Read the article HERE.    


Mark Hulbert of Marketwatch: One of the geniuses of the Dow Theory is that it counsels against overreacting to every cloud on that horizon.  DJIA 20,453 Read the article HERE.

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The Evolution of The Dow Theory

Timing isn’t everything (Interpretation is!), but timing is one thing that can improve your investment results. We believe that Charles Dow’s observations of the swings of the stock market are more important than ever for protecting and growing your hard-earned investments.

Using over 100 years of research and 56 years of practice, we have perfected the interpretation of the Traditional Dow Theory. We have developed and added our own indicator, The Schannep Timing Indicator, to accomdate recent changes in the market, such as the introduction of the S&P 500, and to add to the body of knowledge and predictability of the fundamentals of Market Timing. Our work has been appreciated by the London Financial Times, Marketwatch, CXO Advisory, Yahoo Finance, and the Market Technicians Association.

We have developed a monthly newsletter for our subscribers that delivers years of objective research and results to your inbox. Our subscribers knew when to buy-in in 2002 and when to sell out in November of 2007.

We invite you to look around our site and decide for yourself if your investments deserve to have the same advantage that our subscribers enjoy.