Discord Notifications

In addition to our email service to Subscribers, starting on March 17th, 2022, we will also be sending our communications through DISCORD.

Below are the links to download our DISCORD tutorials for both PC and mobile devices:

By way of reminder:

  1. Signing up to DISCORD is free.
  2. Enrollment is voluntary.
  3. We will continue to send emails to Subscribers and post them on the Subscribers’ Home Page. DISCORD will merely mimic the content we send per email. No extra content will be sent through DISCORD. So you will not miss out on important information in case you decide to pass.
  4. DISCORD is just an additional communication channel in addition to your email.
  5. Please mind that we have set up our discord channel “TheDowTheory.com” so that Subscribers cannot communicate with each other. We did this in order to safeguard privacy and, more importantly, to avoid all the noise and misinformation inherent to social media groups.
  6. You cannot message us directly through DISCORD (except for the first “validation message” when setting up the account). Our email service remains the only way available to contact us.

We see four advantages in DISCORD:

  1. a) If you don’t have access to your email, DISCORD provides you with an alternative way to connect. It is a backup.
  2. b) You can allow Discord notifications, so you are less likely to miss important messages from us.
  3. c) In the future, we might host a webinar exclusive to Subscribers through DISCORD.
  4. d) It works beautifully on mobile devices, so you can always be “connected”.
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