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Each month, we send out a ‘heads-up’ e-mail to all Subscribers alerting them that our newest Letter is posted in the Subscriber’s Area.  In addition we advise immediately if any of the signals change from any of our multiple indicators, to ensure that our Subscribers stay well ahead of the curve.  For example, we got fully invested in 2002 when many were running, and we moved to cash before the rollercoaster downturn hit in 2008, thereby missing almost all of the fall.  We did the same thing in 2009 when we became fully invested and stayed that way for most of the market’s run into 2018. Then, in early April 2020, amidst uncertainty, we once again committed fully to the stock market. Fast forward to 11/10/2022, a time when pessimism dominated, and we confidently turned bullish. These strategic moves have consistently helped us navigate volatile markets and capitalize on opportunities.

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  • Brief recaps of the US bond and precious metals markets. NEW!

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