In our desire to continue bringing the highest degree of professionalism and objective guidance to the world of investing, we offer three core services through our website:

Our Monthly Newsletter, with e-mail notices when warranted

     Combining the time-tested principles of Charles Dow's Traditional Dow Theory with  55+ years of experience and research by Jack Schannep, newsletter is committed to providing our subscribers with effective, profitable market timing wisdom in a timely manner.

     Each month we review the signals of our multiple indicators to ensure that our subscribers stay ahead of the curve.  We bought in 2002 when many were running, and we moved out before the roller-coaster fall in 2008, thereby missing the bulk of the fall.  We bought back in early 2009 and have enjoyed most of the ride into 2013, a profitable run that most missed. We invite you to join and subscribe to the Newsletter.

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The Book  "The Dow Theory For the 21st Century:
Technical Indicators for Improving Your Investment Results"

by Jack Schannep

‘This book is the definitive guide to modern-day Dow Theory from probably its most consistently successful practitioner.' (Investors Chronicle, June 2010).

     Collecting years of research and experience, the book includes everything that the serious investor needs to know about the stock market and how to become financially successful. Expanding upon Charles Dow's 20th century stock market theory, author Jack Schannep provides readers with a better understanding of the ingredients that make up the world of finance, specifically the American stock market, in order to help them achieve investment success.

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Educational and Historic Resources

    We have compiled and collected years of research of historic market cycle data, statistics, trend information, market definitions, and other essential market input for your review.  Please visit our Education Page to see what we offer, much of which you will find nowhere else, and it is free!

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Latest News

The Telegraph of London quotes "Jack Schannep, author of Dow Theory for the 21st Century, there are some key theories that have to be accepted to successfully apply the process." DJIA: 22,997 Read the article HERE

Mark Hulbert of MarketWatch: For the first time in over three years, each of the three major Dow stock market averages has just hit a new all-time high.  These joint new highs are “very encouraging.”  DJIA 22,405  Read the article HERE.

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