Why You Must Have A Strategy For The Long-Run

The job of the financial media is to make sure that you continue to watch more financial media.  The more people that watch, the more the financial media gets to stay in business.  This past week is a great example of that.  Towards the end last week, many pundits were talking about an impending Sell Signal while watching the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index drop.  However, we were he Dow Jones Transportation Index rallying quite nicely.

Listening only to the noise of the financial media is a recipe for disaster.  It is important in a world focused on the noise to have a strategy for investing that is academically tested and time-proven to help increase returns over the long-run.  The Dow Theory has been around for over 100-years for a reason.  It has stood the test of time by looking at our track record, and has assisted investors with reading the long-term trend of domestic equities.

Don’t get distracted!  Know the strategy, follow our newsletter, and invest wisely!




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